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How to Protect Locks During Winter

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Forces of nature prefer none over another. So when winter comes, cold winds and frigid air affect anything coming in their contact. They may even peep in your key holes, enjoy what they see, and decide to stay over the entire winter settling nicely in those grooves in the lock cylinder, handle sets and just about anywhere they can rest. When winter passes, they unapologetically leave you with a broken lock and you screaming for help to the nearest lock repair service. Worse, they wreak havoc during the chilly winter nights! That only means we must prepare our doors and locks before winter. Check your locks, especially those that are sure to bear the brunt of the cold conditions outside, and evaluate if they need repairs. Minor damages should be addressed so these do not worsen later in the height of cold weather. Let our residential locksmith assess and fix the same the soonest possible.

Steps for lock care at wintertime

Protect Locks During WinterSome techniques to prevent door locks from freezing actually cost much less than you think. You can place a magnet on the lock to seal crevices. This method however is not fail-safe as strong winds may blow away weak magnets thereafter exposing the locks again. Another cheap solution is using the key dipped in petroleum jelly to coat the inside levers. Repeat dipping, inserting and turning until the levers are fully-coated. The jelly will prevent ice from forming. It may be good to note that these are just preventive remedies and not a permanent solution.

If ice has already developed, you can try these methods instead. Use a lock defroster or de-icer, a small device which basically melts the frost clinging inside the lock. These small devices are now generally available in supermarkets. There are carry convenient de-icer aerosol sprays as well. You can also spray or pour alcohol over the key shaft and then insert the same into the hole. The alcohol will melt the ice slowly with every repetition. Some have used lighters and heated contraptions but these methods seriously pose risks of injury to the lock, door and yourself, so always be wary when resorting to these methods. Employing these techniques for car vehicles must come with extra caution. Never attempt to use these techniques with your engine car keys.

We know it can be frustrating, but before insanity strikes, call our expert. Locksmith Repair Bexleyheath advises seeking expert help from the onset to avoid greater damage and expenses later. Based on experience, our company notes that many owners often contact a locksmith when the damage is done unnecessarily necessitating major repairs. Quite frankly, turning to experts should not be limited to cold months. Regular upkeep of locks ought to be year-round. After all, these mechanisms protect your prized properties and loved ones.

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