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Avoiding Lock and Key Issues

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Even though there are all kinds of modern security systems, locks and keys remain the primary devices deterring thieves and other intruders. The modern door locksets and keys are made to be reliable and durable. However, their effectiveness in both the short term and the long term depends greatly on users. In order to prevent problems which can put your security and even your safety at risk, you need to take a number of important measures. Find out what they are.

General Security Rules

Whenever you obtain a major new asset, you have to ensure that it has optimal security right from the start. If you move into a new house, you have to opt for lock change right away. You have to ensure that all exterior doors of the property have dependable security devices of this type. You should also do this when you get a used car. If you have just invested in a new garden shed, you have to arrange the inAvoiding Lock and Key Issuesstallation of padlock and fittings without delay.

There are several simple rules for handling keys which will help you avoid home, office and car lockout and loss of these items. You should definitely use a keychain as it makes it harder to misplace and forget keys. You should also have a special space for storing them in your bag, at home and at the office. You need to confirm that you have your keys with you every time before you walk out of your home, office or car. It is essential that you turn this into a habit.

The proper use of locks and keys is essential as well. You must never apply too much pressure on these devices. If you notice any damage, you have to arrange lock and/or key repair straight away instead of ignoring it. In the same way, if you lose the key for a particular door, you have to opt for lock rekey or replacement without wasting any time.

Lock and Key Maintenance

When you provide proper care to locking devices and keys, they will remain in optimal operating condition for longer. The primary maintenance task is inspection. You have to check closely for various types of damage from dullness to denting and chipping. You should evaluate lock operation based on how smoothly the key turns.

Home, office and car locks and the keys which are used for them require regular cleaning and lubrication. You can readily dampen a piece cloth in warm water or in a solution of liquid detergent and water for cleaning physical locks. Keys can be cleaned with alcohol, lemon juice and vinegar. You must avoid corrosive commercial cleaners. Graphite powder lubricant works excellently for practically all locking devices and keys.
If despite all preventive measures issues arise, you have to take the necessary steps for their timely resolution.

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